solarshade fabric purchase considerations
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With the improvement of living standards, external shading equipment is playing a role in more and more occasions. People are choosing external shading equipment, the requirements for shading fabric are getting higher and higher, and the multi-functional properties of shading fabric are getting more and more attention. So what aspects should we pay attention to when we buy fabrics for external shading products? After reading this article, you will know.

solarshade fabric

1. UV protection.

UV rays are the most harmful to the human body, excessive UV rays not only make the fabric fade and brittle strength reduction, but also make the skin melanin and discolouration, and there is a risk of cancer. The solarshade fabric should be treated with anti-UV, which can effectively filter UV and the UV protection rate should be as high as possible.

2. Heat insulation and energy saving.

External shading equipment is installed on the outside of the building, blocking the solar heat in the sunlight one step ahead of time, not making doors, windows and internal shading fabrics, etc., become heat sources, which is one of the most effective ways of physical cooling and energy saving at present. A good shading fabric should have a high enough solar heat absorption rate.

3. Waterproof and rainproof.

Shade and rain is the correct way to open the awning. Yes, in addition to shade, awnings can also be competent to block rain, which requires the fabric also has a waterproof performance, can meet the water does not penetrate the solarshade fabric is qualified fabric.

4. No fading or corrosion resistance.

An excellent external solarshade fabric product, of course, the service life can not be too short. Not fading, not ageing is a great challenge to the fabric. With new technology, the non-traditional yarn-dyed fabric is the ablest to withstand the test of bad weather and sun exposure.

5. Anti-oil and anti-fouling.

Anti-oil and anti-fouling are the advanced requirements of the solarshade fabric, with this fabric technology to last as new and more conducive to cleaning and maintenance.

6. Non-toxic and odourless.

When the awning fabric is applied to the work and living place, it should be non-toxic and odourless, without carcinogenic substances. The products with authoritative quality inspection certificates should be chosen when selecting.

7. Colorful.

solarshade fabric should have enough colours available for users to choose from to provide fabric colour and style solutions for users of exterior shading equipment in different fields, providing designers with unlimited room for imagination.

The above is about the solarshade fabric purchase considerations. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!

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