Uses, advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds fabrics
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Roller blinds fabrics applications.

The fabrics of roller blinds fabrics mainly have semi-blinds fabrics, sunlight fabrics and full-blinds fabrics. Semi-blind fabrics choose more beige, light gray, sky blue fabrics; sunlight fabrics through the scene more use cream, beige, light gray, dark gray and other plain colors. Full blackout fabrics are mostly selected from coated white, coated silver, black . The main use of roller blinds fabrics is to block the sun, because the blackout fabric is usually coated with multiple layers of resin mixed with color paste on the bottom side, so as to achieve the effect of blocking light, heat and ultraviolet rays.

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Roller blinds fabrics have the basic functions of blocking sunlight radiation, blocking heat, reducing room temperature, regulating room light level, and preventing glare.

Advantages of roller blinds fabrics.

I. Strong decorative properties

Compared with other indoor window products, roller blinds have strong plasticity and excellent decorative ability, from simple solid color appearance to rich and gorgeous patterns, which can meet a variety of style needs.

Second, the weather resistance performance

Roller shutters have the ability to resist wind, rain, snow and sand. Add a protective barrier to the windows and doors of the building.

Three, adjust the natural light

Make the sun's rays transmit through the fabric and produce diffuse reflection, so that the harsh glare is filtered into soft diffuse light, eliminating the glare on the indoor computer or TV screen, improving the visual comfort of people.

Fourth, heat preservation and energy saving

In summer, the sun shading system adjusts the sunlight incidence through the roller shutter window to reduce heat entry; then with natural ventilation to reduce the cooling load; in winter, the roller shutter window can be fully opened during the day to ensure maximum light, heat entry, improve indoor air temperature, and at night is a barrier against the cold, saving energy consumption for heating.

V. Sound insulation performance

Usually people want to have a quiet living room, especially near the street, highway living room. The use of completely closed, installed on the outside of the glass window roller shutters can greatly improve the sound insulation effect of the window. Studies have found that the greater the distance between the roller blinds and the glass windows, the better the noise reduction effect.

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Disadvantages of roller blinds fabrics.

The biggest disadvantage of roller blinds fabrics is that the quality of the products varies, because the blackout fabric fabric in the process of production added a variety of dyes, additives, finishing agents, etc., to improve the wrinkle resistance, water resistance, etc., so the quality of the products can not be well guaranteed.

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