Questions and answers about the use of mesh solar shades
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Mesh solar shades are very similar to traditional roller shades. The difference is that outdoor shades are usually woven from PVC or HDPE material and have a mesh-like appearance, allowing more light to enter the room through the shade.

Parameters of mesh solar shades

1. Can I see through mesh solar shades?

mesh solar shades reduce the amount of sunlight coming in while keeping your view unobstructed. mesh solar shades are available in different levels of transparency to provide different privacy effects. mesh solar shades' light transmission is related to the density of the fabric, the higher the density, the less light will pass through them, and also can effectively protect our privacy.

2、Can mesh solar shades control the temperature?

mesh solar shades can help reduce the heat coming through the windows. They reduce heat by blocking the amount of sunlight that enters the space, and play an energy-saving and emission-reducing effect. Reducing heat can save energy costs during the hot summer months.

3. Can mesh solar shades block rainwater?

Since mesh solar shades are woven and have small holes on the surface, they will not completely block rainwater.

4. Can mesh solar shades be installed on the ceiling?

Most mesh solar shades can be installed on the ceiling. In general, the shade brackets are universal, which means there is more than one way to assemble it.

5、Can mesh solar shades be installed outdoors?

There are two types of mesh solar shades: indoor and outdoor. Although they are similar in function, outdoor shades are affected by nature, so it is necessary to use stainless steel, acid rain resistant and heat resistant materials in the selection of materials.

mesh solar shades have the following main features.

1. Dimming: the amount of light entering the room is controlled by changing the amount of mesh solar shades opened to regulate indoor light.

2. Flexibility: mesh solar shades and colors can be selected, according to the need to have full shade, half shade options, convenient for users and the environment where with.

3. Beautiful and elegant: the drive system is all encapsulated inside the outer frame, simple and elegant, easy to install.

4. High reliability: mesh solar shades are made of special wear-resistant metal materials, and the transmission system, motor system and control system are made of highly reliable components to ensure long-term stable operation of the system.

5. sound insulation and thermal insulation performance: the optimized design of the interval between the two layers of glass, coupled with the good thermal insulation effect of its own mesh solar shades, can greatly improve the thermal insulation performance of the windows, while ensuring good sound insulation.

6. high grade: replace traditional curtains and external shading, more tasteful, and save space.

Manufacturers of mesh solar shades

mesh solar shades is a good choice for sunroom shades, of course, other shading series can also be used in the sunroom, but the effect must not be as good as this.

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