The advantages and disadvantages of sunscreen fabric shade and price introduction
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sunscreen fabric shade is what we often call shade cloth, its main role is to block direct sunlight into the room, with the role of blocking ultraviolet rays, sunscreen fabric shade practicality is stronger, but many users friends in the purchase of sunscreen fabric shade when they do not know the general price information of shade cloth, so the choice is more difficult, then today bestex for sunscreen fabric shade for everyone specific introduction.

sunscreen fabric shade

sunscreen fabric shade is what fabric

sunscreen fabric shade is a fabric mainly used for sunlight and ultraviolet ray blocking, with good shading effect, non-toxic, tasteless, soft touch, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, UV protection, protection of human health and other multiple advantages, now widely used in drapery, roller blinds above. It is mainly made of polyester, which is polyester fiber, and the market price is generally around 8-18 USD/m.

Advantages and disadvantages of sunscreen fabric shade

Advantages: 1.

1. Heat insulation

Sunscreen fabric shade has very good heat insulation, all the curtain products on the market can reduce the heat radiation of the sun, but the curtain made of blackout fabric is the best heat insulation effect among many curtain products.

2. Decoration

Sunscreen fabric shade is also available in different styles and can be used in various interior decoration styles.

3.Light management

Sunscreen fabric shade can optimize daylight, control the glare phenomenon, block certain ultraviolet rays, and also can maximize the use of natural lighting to achieve a comfortable light effect.

4.Flame retardant

sunscreen fabric shade should have high safety in the environment, is not flammable.

5. Acoustic treatment

For the outdoor noise, the fabric can be a certain degree of noise reduction treatment, reduce the fatigue in the living room or office environment.

sunscreen fabric shade Manufacturer


The biggest disadvantage of sunscreen fabric shade is that the quality of the product varies, because various dyes, auxiliaries and finishing agents are added in the process of production to improve the wrinkle resistance and water resistance of the product, so the quality of the product cannot be well guaranteed. Here, bestex reminds you to choose a regular manufacturer.
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