What is a sunscreen fabric shade
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Whenever we want to have a good rest in the afternoon, the sun always comes to make trouble, especially in the summer sunshine is very dazzling. Then you can choose a sunshade shade curtain. So what kind of curtains sunscreen shading effect good? How to choose? Next, let's learn about sunscreen fabric shade.

What is a sunscreen fabric shade

It is a curtain with shading and sunscreen function. First of all, sunscreen shading curtain materials must be low transmittance of the fabric. Secondly, in the sunscreen shade curtain back will usually have a special coating, this coating has the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays, thus also achieved the effect of sunscreen. So there are shading and sunscreen effect of the curtains, they are called sunscreen shading curtains.

sunscreen fabric shade

Second, the identification method of sunscreen fabric shade

1. The method of observing details. Look at the details of the first is to see both ends of the shading sunscreen curtain fabric connection. If there are no extra threads and obvious stitching marks at the junction of the sunscreen hood, then the quality of the sunscreen hood is better. On the contrary, if the sunscreen mask junction is rough, then the sunscreen mask quality will be some poor quality. In addition, we also want to feel the softness of the sunscreen mask, comfortable and gentle sunscreen mask quality is better.
2. Look at the sunscreen cloth hood manufacturing process. The common curtain craft manufacture method has the flat weave, the interweave, the embroidery and the Jacquard and so on many kinds. The fabric of weaving pile class looks more upscale, but not after the imprint of some parts of the pile is very easy to drop. To choose a good quality sunscreen cloth shade, the general choice of high-precision sunscreen cloth shade, this kind of sunscreen cloth shade shade shade and sunscreen effect to be much better.

3. Look at the fabric material of the sun screen. Shading sunscreen curtain is commonly used material is polyester, due to polyester material characteristics, polyester sunscreen fabric shading hood shading effect will be much better. And polyester sunscreens shade more safe environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless.

Four. In the choice of shading sunscreen curtains, to choose sunscreen cloth shade. That is, both to meet the requirements of daily life shading, and does not affect the rest.
Seen so much, we have a certain understanding of the sunscreen shade curtains. The future in the selection of sunscreen fabric shade, do not have to be like a headless fly without a goal, you can rest assured to decorate our home.
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