Advantages and classification of solarshade fabric
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Advantages of solarshade fabric

1. Shading, light transmission, ventilation.

Not only can eliminate up to 86% of the solar radiation, but also can keep the indoor air unobstructed, and can clearly see the outdoor scenery.

2. Insulation

The solarshade fabric has the good heat insulation performance which other fabrics do not have, reduces the indoor air conditioning utilization rate greatly.

3. UV protection

solarshade fabric can block up to 95% UV.

4. Fire protection.

For other fabrics flame retardant performance is much better.

5. Moisture resistance.

Bacteria can not reproduce, the fabric will not mildew.

6. Constant size.

The material of the fabric itself determines that it is not malleable, will not deform and will maintain its flatness for a long time.

7. Easy to clean

Can be placed in clean water brush.

solarshade fabric

The solarshade fabric can be categorized according to its functional uses as follows:

Flame retardant sunshade cloth: shading effect basically reaches 85% -99% , and has the flame retardant function, generally is the permanent flame retardant effect.

Embossing sunshade cloth: special machine embossing, to achieve a variety of patterns, embossing style is very rich.

Jacquard sunshade cloth: special jacquard process to achieve a variety of patterns.

Silver shading cloth: the fabric for dyeing coating, can achieve 100% shading effect.

Environment-friendly sunshade cloth: using environment-friendly fabrics, pollution-free.

solarshade fabric

Bestex is an important manufacturer of sunshade fabric, which has covered the domestic and foreign markets.Solarshade fabric is sold in a wide variety of products and is becoming more and more popular because of its energy saving, environmental protection and high quality.

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