How to buy skylight fabric
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How to buy attic Skylight fabrics? This needs to distinguish the orientation of the house: 1.

1. East Skylight fabrics shopping

East side light comes in with the sun and can gather a lot of light, the temperature turns from cool to hot, and the heat spreads out. So choose blinds and vertical blinds with yarn-like texture and can pass and dazzling light.

2. South side Skylight fabrics shopping

The south side has plenty of light and gives the house a golden tone. Therefore, day and night curtains are currently popular. During the day, it not only transmits light, but also allows you to view the outside scenery. With the curtains drawn, blackout and strong seclusion are in full force, satisfying the light environment throughout the day.

Skylight fabrics

Features of Roof Skylight fabrics.

1. Effective shading and heat insulation, blocking harmful UV radiation, allowing some light to enter the room

2. Skylight fabrics are weather resistant, durable, not easily damaged, and have a long service life

3. Comfortable and easy to use, can be used throughout the summer, no need to roll up and put down the Skylight fabrics every day

4. Easy to install and easy to operate, the product can be equipped with a lever for easy operation of Skylight fabrics

5. Suitable for mid-hung and top-hung windows, multi-functional windows, balcony windows, tilt-and-stand combination windows and panoramic windows, etc.

6. Professional manufacturer's products, quality assurance

Solar Shade Fabric manufacturer

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