Design principles for interior screen fabric
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Interior screen fabric with the designer must put people first in the design, to meet the needs of people and interpersonal activities as the core. As each person's age, personality, cultural cultivation of different, the requirements of the living room environment atmosphere is not the same. Some like simple and elegant; some like exquisite and luxurious; some like romantic and casual mood; some like to return to the rustic style of nature, which requires the designer to be meticulous and put themselves in their place to meet the requirements of each person, must be in the modern interior design, pay special attention to ergonomics, environmental psychology, aesthetic psychology and other research, used to scientifically and deeply understand the physiological characteristics of people, the The interior screen fabric can play a role in regulating the temperature.

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Interior screen fabric can play a role in regulating temperature and light, sound insulation and blocking the view, dust and noise reduction and cause privacy space; sofa fabric and cushions provide people with the comfort of using furniture; carpet can absorb moisture and moisture, cold and dust, reduce noise and comfortable elasticity in addition to the same room with carpet and no carpet, texture and color of the ground to create Symbolic space, called "spontaneous space", forming a small unit of activity, visually and psychologically defined and divided into different spaces, with a sense of domain sometimes can also form the focus of the interior; with moisture permeability; strong permeability of cotton sheets, bedding can create a cold, comfortable sleep, rest environment for people; some walls, pillars and ceilings are wrapped with fabric. Some walls, pillars and ceilings are wrapped with fabric, which can improve the acoustics of the room, and some fabrics also have practical functions such as fireproof, mothproof, easy to remove dirt, and rich in elasticity; using drapery, interior screen fabric, hanging blanket, fabric screen to divide the indoor space, with great flexibility and controllability.

Interior screen fabric is lightweight, inexpensive, and highly interchangeable, so it is very practical.

Interior screen fabric gives people a unique psychological feeling and aesthetic interest with its unique softness, warmth, color, and decorative properties. It can also enhance or balance the artistic atmosphere of the indoor environment by its material, weave, pattern, bump, glossy or rustic, luxurious, realistic or abstract graphics and hue and color configuration, creating a clever contrast and contrast in the perceptual effect, or color and light interweaving, or smooth and colorful, or halo variation, or strong color block hue, so that people can experience the outdoor and indoor other materials can not be experienced. The interior screen fabric should have the ability to provide a multi-level cultural enjoyment while providing a sense of formal beauty.

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A good interior screen fabric should have the beauty of the right time, the right material, the right shape, and the right space and environment. No matter from what angle, what direction, what kind of light, all show the beauty of the original color, is the excellent interior screen fabric.

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