How to choose interior screen fabric
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Interior screen fabric is the basis of sunshade products, especially for indoor sunshade products. The correct selection of sunshade fabric can not only play an effective role in sunshade and heat insulation, but also play a good decorative effect.

1. All kinds of fibers should be used as raw materials. Traditional hand weaving, embroidery and dyeing techniques can be used to express modern design concepts, thoughts and feelings. The texture of materials and hand flavor can arouse people's deep feeling of nature, and eliminate the monotonous indifference caused by the large use of hard products in modern life.

2. You can use interior screen fabric to divide the room space and curtain to separate the room. Curtains can not only separate space, but also absorb noise and redundant sound, which is particularly useful for bedrooms.

interior screen fabric

3. Interior screen fabric should be able to optimize the sunlight, control glare, block a certain amount of ultraviolet, and make full use of natural light to achieve comfortable lighting effect. At the same time, interior screen fabric is mandatory in commercial properties, and it should have high security and non flammable in all environments. According to reports, 50% of the indoor heat is lost through the window, the use of fabrics with certain heat insulation performance can save energy, improve the temperature, and get better comfort. The comfort of people in a room is closely related to sound. For outdoor noise, interior screen fabric can reduce noise to a certain extent and reduce fatigue in bedroom or office environment.

Advantages of interior screen fabric

4. The house is my own and should be decorated according to my own habits and preferences, so this is also a very important factor. As the saying goes, thousands of yuan is what I want. As long as they like it, they believe it is good and don't care about other people's eyes. Others give advice, they make a decision. Relatively speaking, interior screen fabric is relatively easy to remove. If there are new ideas over time, the room can be re divided, and the cost is not high.

BrandChangzhou BESTEX technical textile
Fire resistance temperature500
Thermal conductivity
Tensile strength0.1
interior screen fabric TypeFiberglass
Place of saleGlobal

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