Introduction of vertical blind fabrics and how to choose it
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Vertical blind fabrics, also known as vertical curtains, means that the blades are vertically suspended on the upper rail, and the blades can adjust light freely to achieve the purpose of shading. Generally, the curtain piece is at least 5cm wide, and the two ends of the curtain piece are respectively fixed in the upper and lower rails, and the inner line drives the rotation and separate folding. Vertical blind fabrics are named for the fact that the blades are vertically suspended on the upper rail, which can be adjusted freely to achieve the purpose of shading.

Introduction to vertical blind fabrics:

Vertical blind fabrics adopts a swing leaf structure, the blades can rotate 180 degrees, and the curtain can be adjusted and retracted through the motor mechanical transmission mode. It can not only adjust the indoor light at will, but also ventilate, and achieve the purpose of shading. Vertical blind fabrics integrates practicality, sense of the times and artistic feeling. Because of its warm, elegant, simple and lively characteristics, it is mostly suitable for office building shading and partition, meeting rooms, government agencies, public places, etc. Vertical curtain can give people a neat and generous visual effect, which is widely used in meeting room, residence, office, hospital and other public places. The specific performance characteristics are as follows:

1. Sunshade: with the structure of swing leaf, the leaf can rotate 180 degrees, and the sunlight can be divided vertically and redistributed. The indoor light can be adjusted at will to create a transparent sense of space;

2. Ventilation: freely retract and pull, which can ventilate and ventilate;

Tips for purchasing vertical blind fabrics:

1. Smell the smell. If the product gives off a pungent smell, there may be formaldehyde residue, it is best not to buy.

2. Choose the colors. When choosing colors, it is better to choose light colors, so that the risk of formaldehyde and color fastness exceeding the standard will be smaller.

vertical blind fabrics

Notes for selection of vertical blind fabrics:

1. When choosing vertical blind fabrics, you need to know the color, the color has its own character, yellow has a gentle and quiet feeling, green nourishes your heart and eyes, red is festive and gorgeous, etc.

2. The tone and texture of vertical blind fabrics should be coordinated with the furniture of the room, the interior decoration style and the interior wall, floor and ceiling to form a unified and harmonious overall beauty.

3. Beautiful and practical: the leaves are natural and vertical, the lines are bright, simple and atmospheric, integrating practicality, sense of the times and sense of art;

4. Simple structure, easy installation, easy cleaning and maintenance.

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