Product parameters and advantages of vertical blind fabrics
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Product parameters of vertical blind fabrics:

functionHigh shading
technologyVertical bar
texture of materialcustomized
colourPurple + Purple + beige, etc
technologyjacquard weave
Place of saleGlobal

vertical blind fabrics

Product advantages of vertical blind fabrics

1. Soft and healthy fabric: comfortable handle, smooth, thick fabric, long-term color fastness. Design moving, can let the quality show better

2. Scientific shading: comfortable sleep shading, let you sleep at ease, have a healthy life, let your family live more at ease

3. Exquisite workmanship: every detail is exquisitely made to create real quality. It is essentially different from the low-end products in the industry, and the cost performance can stand the experience

4. Every product has passed strict quality inspection, you can buy it at ease

5. Provide samples, contributions and customized services for all customers

6. Classic curtain modeling, simple and generous design

How to choose vertical blind fabrics

1. Style

When looking for vertical blind fabrics, you must try to choose one with roughly the same style. But there will be some friends who like to mix and match. When making curtain choice, you can find more decoration cases for reference. Although the style can be different. But the curtain choice is reasonable, or will give the effect, as long as the whole environment is coordinated.

2. Style

For the selection of vertical blind fabrics, the most important issue in the selection of styles is that everyone's appreciation level varies greatly. For the selection of vertical blind fabrics, everyone's favorite styles will be different. But when making curtain choice, there is a practical factor, that is, the window size of each family is not the same, choosing reasonable and beautiful can not only increase the decorative effect of the room. For some window defects, vertical blind fabrics can make up for them.

3. Color

In fact, color matching is very important in our room decoration. If the color matching is not good, the price of vertical blind fabrics will drop. It will not only not show its effect, but also destroy the atmosphere of the whole environment. Generally, the colors we choose for vertical blind fabrics are those with low lightness. In other words, the selection of vertical blind fabrics should not be too bright.

4. Material

For curtains like vertical blind fabrics, the selection should also consider the issue of material. There are many kinds of materials, mainly cotton, hemp, silk and wool. The vertical blind fabrics of these materials are popular, and they are also preferred by many consumers. When we make choices, we can also choose more curtains of our own materials according to our preferences for materials. In addition, there may be some designs of colors and patterns on the vertical blind fabrics made of these materials.

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