Introduction to the effect and related parameters of sunblock screen fabric
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sunblock screen Fabric is mainly a kind of cotton fabric with sparse warp and weft. At present, there are two kinds of sunscreen fabrics on the market. One is to apply sunscreen layer on the gauze to achieve the sunscreen effect. The sunscreen gauze made by this method generally uses adhesives, which will form a film on the surface of the cloth, which is generally airtight, hard to handle and muggy to wear.

Another kind is industrial gauze. This kind of sunblock screen fabric is woven with specially treated microporous fiber, which can not only achieve the effect of sun protection, but also increase the moisture absorption and perspiration of the fabric, which is more suitable for wearing in hot environment. This kind of lightweight sunscreen fabric is mainly chemical fiber products, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc. among these materials, acrylic has the best light resistance, so it is an excellent sunscreen material.

Generally, sunblock screen fabric with anti ultraviolet treatment can achieve ideal sun protection effect. However, it needs to be reminded that there are different kinds of sunscreen gauze in the market at present. It is suggested that consumers should try to choose the sunscreen gauze that clearly indicates the clothing material (mainly chemical fiber products, including polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc.), UPF index (the ratio of the average radiation of ultraviolet to unprotected skin, the higher the index, the better the sunscreen performance) and other relevant parameters in the commodity label.

sunblock screen fabric

Related parameters of sunblock screen fabric:

raw materialcotton
Gram weight3(g/㎡)
Applicable seasonsummer and fall
width of clothCustomized on demand
Weaving technologyWoven fabric
Place of salewhole world

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