How to buy the right Exterior screen fabric
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By summer, the exterior wall if the glass material or that the sun can be directly to the interior, it can be very painful, so that people will be exposed to the sun, do some activities or personal privacy are not convenient, some families or buildings will specialize in Exterior screen fabric on the exterior walls and glass, which is more trouble-free, two can save other costs.

Exterior screen fabric

Now on the market Exterior screen fabric blackout effect basically reached 85%-99%, and some materials using environmentally friendly fabrics, with flame retardant function, while embossed by special machines, you can design some custom patterns on it, if the blackout requirements are very high, you need to dye the fabric coating, you can achieve 100% blackout effect. If the design is higher Exterior screen fabric, the guiding system can be added, and side rails can be installed at both ends of Exterior screen fabric to make Exterior screen fabric more stable and reliable in operation, and the blackout performance is stronger to stop the strong sunlight from shining directly into the room, so that the room can get soft Exterior screen fabric is a part of exterior wall fabric.

Although Exterior screen fabric is an exterior wall accessory, it is actually more complicated than you think. There are many brands of Exterior screen fabric on the market, and a wide variety of materials, with prices ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. So what kind of Exterior screen fabric is the most suitable for us? bestex believes that we should look at four aspects: size, material, category and service life.

Exterior screen fabric manufacturer


The size of Exterior screen fabric is quite important, before we order Exterior screen fabric, we need to measure and calculate the size accurately, because if the size is made too big, it will cause high cost and inconvenient when installing, if the size is made small, it can't play a good shading effect.

2、Exterior screen fabric category

Exterior screen fabric category has electric type, frame type and other common categories. Electric type is mainly used for fixed places, and can control the rise and fall of Exterior screen fabric by connecting the power supply. The frame type is fixed directly on the exterior wall of the building, and the installation cost is lower.

3、Materials of Exterior screen fabric

On the market, there are mainly four kinds of materials: blackout coated flocked fabric, silver coated blackout fabric, pure woven blackout fabric and backing fabric with PVC composite fabric, with different characteristics and prices, if you need, you can contact our manufacturer directly, we will give you detailed answers within 24 hours.

4. Service life
There are many factors that affect the service life of Exterior screen fabric, including material, processing method, manufacturer's technology, etc. We need to consider them comprehensively.

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