Advantages and disadvantages of solarshade fabric and the latest price
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What kind of fabric is solarshade fabric?

solarshade fabric is a kind of fabric mainly used for sunlight and ultraviolet blocking, with good blackout effect, non-toxic, tasteless, soft touch, sound insulation, heat insulation, waterproof, fireproof, UV protection, protection of human health and other multiple advantages. solarshade fabric is now widely used in drapery, roller blinds above. Gram weight: referred to as GSM, how much weight per square meter, this depends on the specific fabric to, roughly speaking solarshade fabric is 180 ~ 280gsm.


Solarshade fabric's main production material is polyester, that is, polyester fiber. Polyester is refined terephthalic acid (PTA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as raw material by esterification or ester exchange and condensation reaction to make fiber polymer - polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and then after spinning and post-treatment made of fiber.

solarshade fabric

Features of solarshade fabric.

(1)Heat insulation

Although all the curtain products in the market can reduce the heat radiation of the sun, the curtain made of solarshade fabric is the best heat insulation effect among many curtain products.


Solarshade fabric also has different styles and styles, and can be applied to a variety of interior decoration styles, so the decorative properties of blackout fabric are quite good.

Advantages and disadvantages of solarshade fabric


One of the main advantages is heat insulation, and the other is decorative.


The biggest disadvantage of solarshade fabric is that the quality of the product varies, because the shade fabric fabric in the production process added a variety of dyes, additives, finishing agents, etc., in order to improve the wrinkle resistance, water resistance, etc., so the quality of the product can not be well guaranteed.

Uses of solarshade fabric.

The main use of solarshade fabric lies in shading, because solarshade fabric is usually coated with multiple layers of resin mixed with colored paste on its bottom side, as a way to achieve the effect of blocking light, heat and ultraviolet rays.

shade cloth

Finally, the latest offer of solarshade fabric.

The general price of solarshade fabric is about $25 for a meter, within 2.8 meters in height, and about $30 for a printed style. Before buying curtains, we usually measure the size of the curtains at home, and the width of the curtains is multiplied by about 1.5 times the width of the original window.

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