How to choose sunscreen shade fabric, you must know the basics
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Sunscreen shade fabric is a fabric used to block the sun's glare and harmful light intrusion. It has some functions that other fabrics do not have, such as regulating the room temperature, regulating natural light, translucent scenery, etc. It can effectively block UV rays.

The 4 technical parameters of sunscreen shade fabric are

1. Light transmission rate: the ratio of sunlight entering the room through the shade layer and its shooting on the surface of the fabric; the higher the aperture rate, the greater the light transmission rate, and the indoor brightness is super high. The sunrise windows generally choose fabrics with small openings.

2. Reflectivity: the ratio of sunlight reflected from the shade layer to the surface of the fabric; the lighter the color of the fabric, the higher the reflectivity, and the metal coating will increase the reflectivity.

3. Absorption rate: the ratio of sunlight absorbed by the shading layer and its shot on the surface of the fabric; contrary to the reflection rate, the darker the color of the fabric, the higher the absorption rate, the more it can prevent the sun's heat from directly shooting into the room.

4. UV number: the ratio of UV rays through the shade layer to the surface of the fabric; UV rays can burn human skin, make furniture brittle and fade; the smaller the UV penetration coefficient of the fabric, the more it can protect the skin and furniture.

Classification of sunscreen shade fabric.

At present sunscreen shade fabric classification: environmental protection fabric, glass fiber fabric and polyester fabric. Environmental fabric is mainly composed of 100% polyester, commonly known as "polyester"; fiberglass fabric is mainly PVC covered glass fiber; polyester fabric is PVC covered polyester fiber. Polyester fabrics are widely used in the market because they are 100% polyester and have specific environmental characteristics.

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So what should we pay attention to when we are buying sunscreen shade fabric? How to choose sunscreen shade fabric?

1. UV protection
UV rays are the most harmful to the human body, excessive UV rays not only make the fabric fade, brittle, strength reduction, but also make the skin melanin and discoloration, and there is a risk of cancer. sunscreen shade fabric should be anti-UV treatment, can effectively filter UV rays, UV protection rate should be as high as possible.

2. Heat insulation and energy saving
External shading equipment is installed on the outside of the building, blocking the solar heat in the sunlight one step ahead of time, not to make the doors and windows and internal shade fabric and so on become heat sources, is currently one of the most effective physical cooling energy-saving ways. A good sunscreen shade fabric should have a high enough solar heat absorption rate.

3.Waterproof and rainproof
Sunscreen shade fabric is a qualified fabric because it is water resistant and does not penetrate water.

4.No fading and corrosion resistance
A good sunscreen shade fabric, of course, the service life can not be too short, not fade and not aging is a great challenge to the fabric, with new technology, non-traditional yarn dyed fabric, the most able to withstand the test of bad weather and sun exposure.

5. Anti-oil and anti-fouling
Oil and stain resistance is the advanced requirement for sunscreen shade fabric, the fabric with this technology can last as new, and is more conducive to cleaning and maintenance.

6.Non-toxic and odorless
When sunscreen shade fabric is used in the workplace and living place, it should be non-toxic and odorless without carcinogenic substances, and you should choose products with authoritative quality inspection certificate.

7. Colorful
sunscreen shade fabric should have enough colors for users to choose from, in order to provide fabric color and style solutions for users of exterior shade equipment in different fields, providing designers with unlimited imagination.


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