Specifications and functions of mesh solar shades
 Feb 19, 2021|View:575
Colourcustom made
Environmental protectionYES
Applicationbuildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.
Sale placeglobal
Specificationcustom made
Sizecustom made
Whether to exportYES

mesh solar shades are printed with black conductive ink on a transparent PVC film with good material, which makes the mesh shade grid surface with good blackout performance, and the exterior is coated with shading material, which can reflect and absorb more than 90% of the sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and are generally used as door shades and curtain partitions in buildings.

mesh solar shades is a kind of physical blackout curtains, its advantages
1.90%-99% blackout rate, three-layer weaving heavier, encrypted black laminated weaving light-absorbing blackout
2. High-grade beautiful blackout environmental protection, feel soft and silky breathable, washable
3. The use period is relatively long.

mesh solar shades

There are two forms of mesh solar shades made into curtains: one is made of fabric curtain type. The use of blackout cloth is lighter, thinner, easy to fold. Generally use Velcro, the selected curtains and blackout cloth into one, so that the coated side facing outward, to block the glare of light. There is also a roll-up type. Usually the blackout cloth is processed, so that it is flat and drapey, can be made directly into a roller shade. Blackout cloth material mainly has three kinds: one is the front of the original blank, the back is PVC coating. Price 10 yuan / m or so, but poor environmental performance. The second is a grid-like blank fabric with PVC fabric, the back is also coated, feel like plastic, thicker than the previous one, the blackout effect is good.

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