How to buy good quality mesh solar shades
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Mesh solar shades are generally made from polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide, which are drawn into flat wire and woven into a mesh material after secondary processing. High quality mesh solar shades have the following properties.

Mesh solar shades

1. Weaken the light intensity and change the quality of light. In the case of textile structure and the basic degree of sparsity, the shading rate of different colours of mesh solar shades is different, with black mesh having the highest shading rate, green mesh the second highest and silver grey mesh the smallest. mesh solar shades have a higher transmission rate of scattered light than total radiation, and the distribution of light between the crop layers in the mesh is even.

2. Reduces indoor temperature

3. Reduces physical activity and evaporation of water from the room

4. Reduces the impact of wind and rain on the indoor environment

Mesh solar shades Manufacturer

How to buy mesh solar shades:

1. According to the size

The size of mesh solar shades is generally about 8cm wider than the window on each side, the bottom should depend on the window style, short curtains should be about 18cm longer than the bottom line of the window sill.

2、Choose the colour

The colour of the mesh solar shades must match the frame and interior of the glass room, the ground and the furnishings, and the colours must match to make the room look more beautiful.

3、Choose the fabric

The fabrics used for mesh solar shades vary according to the purpose of the sunroom. A glass room used as a living room may prefer to choose a luxurious and beautiful fabric, while a glass room used as a studio will be more interested in the thickness of the fabric and the warmth of the colours.

On vertical, horizontal and sloping glass, square, triangular, round and other regular or irregular glass roofs, mesh solar shades can be used to achieve your desired shading effect.
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