How to tell the difference between good and bad solarshade fabric and price
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When we buy solarshade fabric we buy some with good light blocking properties. Even if we are sleeping in the daytime, it is going to feel like we are at night and can help our sleep quality. But despite the fact that solarshade fabric can block light, ultraviolet radiation, and sun protection and insulation, there are still many people who hold doubts about whether solarshade fabric is harmful to the human body. Today bestex will tell you how to distinguish its good from bad and market price!

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1, when we buy solarshade fabric, we must also recognize the brand of solarshade fabric. and also to see whether these brands of solarshade fabric will have quality inspection reports. Then for the thickness of the solarshade fabric, it is recommended to choose the moderate.

2, sometimes the solarshade fabric purchased are some product quality is not qualified. The price of these solarshade fabrics is generally cheaper. We can also analyze the price of the solarshade fabric from above. Generally the price of medium-priced solarshade fabric is about $500.

3, bestex suggests, first of all, when buying, we must choose the better quality of solarshade fabric. can not meet the quality requirements of the product, is not environmentally friendly solarshade fabric, so for human health is also harmful.

4, in general, we often see the solarshade fabric in order to achieve the effect of blackout, the fabric is in two layers or two layers and more. And solarshade fabric itself after a long time in the direct sun will have an irritating smell issued. If the blackout effect is better. Then the more layers of fabric, the more coatings.

There are three main materials of solarshade fabric.

1、Original blank fabric

The first is the front for the original cloth, the back test PVC coating, the price of this shade fabric is in the 10 U.S. dollars / meter. But still very environmentally friendly.

2、Network-like blank cloth with PVC fabric on top

The second kind is the kind of network-like blank fabric plus PVC fabric, the back also has a coating, is a thicker, blackout effect is also very good. But there is a defect is relatively brittle, the price of this solarshade fabric is in the $ 8 / m or so.

3, linen and cotton blends

The third is a blend of linen and cotton, environmental performance is very good, but the color is very single. How much is a meter of this roof shade fabric? Generally in is about 5 US dollars / meter.

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Other roles of solarshade fabric, when choosing solarshade fabric, you can't just look at the face value, but ignore its actual function.

1. Protection of privacy

No one likes to expose their every move to the view of others, solarshade fabric can isolate the line of sight and protect privacy.

2. Decorative role

3. To meet the needs of light.

4. Sound absorption and noise reduction

solarshade fabric has a good sound absorption effect, absorbing external noise and improving the indoor sound environment.

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