A detailed introduction of vertical blind fabrics
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Introduction of vertical blind fabrics:

The vertical curtain is named because the blades are vertically suspended on the upper rail, which can adjust light freely to achieve the purpose of shading. It is made of vertical blind fabrics, used in conference room, VIP room, etc.

Vertical blind fabrics: ① PVC curtain. Neat, simple, elegant and generous. The surface of the curtain is smooth and has the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof and UV protection. Easy to clean and never fade. It integrates beauty, generosity and practicality. There are plane, arc, stripe, ripple, printing and double-sided embossing and other styles.

Product parameters of vertical blind fabrics:

brandChangzhou Bestex Technical Textile
technologySemi manual
functionShading (40% - 80%)
classificationVertical blinds
Is it customizableYES
Curtain formraw material
Place of saleGlobal
texture of materialfabric art
Pricing method(cloth price + processing cost) * meters purchased
Installation typeInterior, top, side, exterior


Product advantages of vertical blind fabrics:

1. Through the adjustment of different angles of the blade, protect your privacy and create a modern atmosphere and comfortable light space

2. The full shading fabric is made of imported raw materials, which has more durable color, stronger use, 80% refractive index and good air permeability

3. Environmental protection printing and dyeing process is adopted for polyester fiber, and formaldehyde is not allowed to exceed the standard

4. The source manufacturers deliver goods directly, the price is cheap, and provide after-sales service and technical guidance

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