Introduction to the advantages and properties of roller blinds fabrics
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Roller blinds fabrics curtains can be used for exterior shading of buildings to effectively enhance the facade effect, both for shading effect and good permeability, and also have weather resistance. The product fabric color can be selected according to the color sample, and has good sun shading and light blocking performance.

Roller blinds fabrics

Roller blinds fabrics are suitable for low-rise or low-rise buildings, such as villa homes, residential buildings, star hotels, office buildings and other places.

1、Wind resistance

The windproof strip is installed on the fabric to make the fabric move along the rail and not be blown out of the rail by the wind, so that the wind resistance is superior. roller blinds fabrics have a certain proportion of permeability, thus releasing part of the wind pressure and improving the wind load force of the fabric.

2、Shading and heat blocking performance

Roller blinds fabrics can block UVB rays, filter sunlight, reduce solar energy absorption, and achieve the effect of sun shading and heat insulation.

3、Weather resistance

Weather resistance of profile mechanism: The skeleton of the mechanism is made of all aluminum alloy, and the surface of the profile is sprayed to meet the standard requirements. Fabric weathering performance: roller blinds fabrics are made of fiber with flame retardant capability, which are colorfast, mold, water and oil resistant and can easily face the function of harsh external climate.

4、Stability performance

Roller blinds fabrics have ductility, will not be deformed, and keep its flatness for a long time. Tear resistance, no need to reinforce, natural tear resistance, with significant wind resistance and withstand frequent use of performance.

5、High mechanical performance

The main material of the inner core of the fabric is glass fiber material, the characteristics of glass fiber compared to polyester silk material, greatly improving the tensile strength and fracture strength of the fabric, so that it has a significant tensile and wind resistance and withstand repeated lifting and winding and other frequent use of mechanical properties.

6、High weather resistance

The wrapping material is added with Japanese imported titanium dioxide R type, which greatly enhances the weather resistance of the fabric such as UV resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance. At the same time, combined with glass fiber material, the fabric is not distorted and deformed in the sunlight or repeated lifting and lowering of the use environment, not easy to aging, long service life.

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7、Fireproof and flame retardant

Imported fire retardant materials are added in the production process, with superior fire retardant performance, oxygen index over 32, widely used in villas, hotels, schools, private clubs, etc.

8、High color fastness

Adopting imported color powder from BASF of Germany and Klein of Switzerland, with good anti-oxidation performance and high anti-UV coefficient, the color of the product is full and pure, and the index of using color powder is 8-10 times of similar products in the market, with high color fastness.

9、Constant size

Covering materials listed companies PVC raw materials and SGS testing additives, the core is glass fiber material, so that the fabric has high stability, low shrinkage, constant size, with the unique plane tension processing technology, can effectively put an end to warping and deformation of the ills.

10、Self-cleaning function

Roller blinds fabrics have high self-cleaning, placed in the outdoor without special care can keep beautiful all year round. At the same time, the width of the fabric can reach 3.2 meters, with a special 6% opening rate to meet the windproof factor and ensure the best visual effect of ventilation and scenery, both reaching a perfect balance.

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