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Zebra sunscreen fabrics LO3000 OF 68%/0.2%
Zebra sunscreen fabrics

Zebra sunscreen fabrics LO3000 OF 68%/0.2%

Product Detail
LO3000 OF 68%/0.2%
Composition25% Polyester,75%PVC
Weight285 g/m2 +/-5%
Thickness0.50 mm+/-5%
0.65 mm+/-5%
OpennessAverage 68%/0.2%
Breaking StrengthWarp≥330N/5cm /Weft≥300N/5cm
Color FastnessGrade 8
UV BlockageAppox.32%/99.8%
Fire ResistanceNFPA 701-2015(USA),BS5867(UK), DIN 4102-1(GERMANY)

Good Zebra sunscreen fabrics can not only prevent ultraviolet rays, but also quickly direct sweat to the surface of the fabric and dry quickly; while ordinary fabrics have poor moisture absorption and poor air permeability, which makes them uncomfortable to wear for a long time. The sunscreen effect of ordinary fabric is better than sunscreen, and the sunscreen effect of Zebra sunscreen fabrics is better than ordinary fabric.

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