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roller blinds fabrics Application
roller blinds fabrics

roller blinds fabrics Application

Product Detail

roller blinds fabrics

Brand: Changzhou BESTEX technical textile

Quantity: 10000

Origin: China

Scope of application: Hotel, school and other projects

Function: high shading 75% - 90%

Color change resistance: medium

Style: rolling curtain

Special purpose: roller shutter

Curtain form: rolling curtain

Place of sale: all over the world

Material: Polyester

roller blinds fabrics

Roller blinds fabric is the mainstream office curtain material at present. The advantages are moderate price, generous and simple, good sunshade performance, easy installation. At present, there are a lot of high-quality rolling curtains in the market, which are easy to clean and are the choice of office curtains. The full shading roller shutter is recommended to be used in the window or office area with strong sunlight. The semi shading roller shutter can be used in other occasions where the light is not very strong or needs certain light transmission effect.

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