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F5400 OF 5% Polyester sunscreen fabrics
F5400 OF 5%

F5400 OF 5% Polyester sunscreen fabrics

Product Detail

F5400 OF 5%


30% Polyester, 70% PVC


400 g/m2 +/-5%


0.58 mm+/-5%




Average 5%

Breaking Strength

Warp≥1400N/5cm / Weft≥1200N/5cm

Color Fastness

Grade 8

UV Blockage


Fire Resistance

NFPA 701-2015(USA),BS5867(UK), DIN 4102-1(GERMANY)

xcellent sun protection clothing is woven with Polyester sunscreen fabrics. These micropores increase the pores of the clothing and reduce the fiber density, thereby enhancing the air permeability of the clothing. Not only is the texture light and thin, but also can absorb the sweat on the skin surface and discharge it into the air. , It will feel breathable and dry when wearing.

Some high-end sportswear is made of this Polyester sunscreen fabrics, even if people sweat profusely during exercise, the clothes will not stick to the skin. Of course, sun protection clothing that achieves this effect is generally expensive.

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