Wholesale prices of solarshade fabric manufacturers
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Many solarshade fabric buyers are particularly concerned about the price of solarshade fabric wholesale, Bestex did solarshade fabric wholesale market price inquiry, to help you to discover a variety of curtain prices, so you can also recognize more solarshade fabric prices.

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A, solarshade fabric wholesale market price inquiry

1, cotton fabric fabric curtains soft texture, feel good, the wholesale price in the market is generally in the $ 15-25 a meter, if the retail price in the $ 40-55 a meter.

2, hemp fabric fabric curtains drape well, unlike cotton fabric fabric curtains in the wash wrinkled, not easy to restore flat, linen fabric texture, feel excellent. Wholesale price at $25-35 a meter.

3, silk fabric noble, gorgeous. Made of silk fabric curtain fabric natural flowing, layered. Give material curtains price per meter in 25-35 U.S. dollars.

4, polyester fabrics are brace, colorful, no fading, no shrinkage, while the wholesale price of polyester curtain fabric is also suitable with the average family's home improvement expenses, at $13-20 per meter. Therefore, polyester fabric fabric curtains are widely preferred by people.

Second, a variety of solarshade fabric price list

1, simple modern custom solid color floor-to-ceiling window curtains finished yarn shade fabric full blackout fabric bedroom living room thickened, the market price per meter 10.24 U.S. dollars.

2, special price simple and modern European style living room bedroom flat finished floor floating window full blackout curtain fabric window screen clearance, the market price of $ 27 per meter.

3, gray Scandinavian style cotton and linen literary blackout curtains living room bedroom floating window simple modern gauze curtain fabric curtain, the market price of $ 33 per meter.

4, modern Chinese style curtains gauze curtains living room bedroom linen curtains blackout custom curtains finished, the market price of $ 68 per meter.

5, blackout fabric no punch installation blackout curtains finished simple modern rental house bedroom simple magic paste, the market price of $ 46 per meter.

6, Japanese curtains Japanese minimalist texture bedroom living room installation custom floor-to-ceiling first-class blackout curtains, the market price of $ 137 per meter.

solarshade fabric Supplier from china

solarshade fabric wholesale market price inquiry as above, go to the wholesale market to buy curtains, it will be based on the number of purchases, etc. and lead to its different prices, if it is a large manufacturer then solarshade fabric prices will also be a little more expensive. The price list of solarshade fabric is as above. When you buy curtains, you can refer to different price levels to ensure that you purchase the right price of solarshade fabric.

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