Features and applications of fiberglass sunscreen
 Nov 10, 2022|View:446

Fiberglass sunscreen, also known as fireproof curtains, is different from traditional shades and curtains. Advanced high-quality chemical fiber substrate, using a special process from processing. Meet environmental standards. CAN filter 93% of the sunlight, access to natural light, improve indoor quality, and improve visual comfort.

Fiberglass sunscreen

Fiberglass sunscreenfeatures:

Acid and alkali resistance and other chemical corrosion

Anti-dust, anti-fire, anti-static

Non-hygroscopic, waterproof, easy to clean

Special surface treatments make curtain fabrics easy to clean and easier to maintain for residential and commercial use

Strong tensile strength

Easy to clean, no deformation after washing, durable.

The coefficient of expansion and contraction is small

Mesh permeability is good, high light transmittance

There are many colors to choose from

Good dimensional stability, beautiful appearance, not easy to pollute

Environmental Protection, flame retardant, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial

Production of high-quality materials, non-toxic to the human body.

UV resistant

Block all UV rays and protect skin from damage.

Light transmission

Although anti-ultraviolet light, normal light can pass

Fiberglass sunscreenreduces heat and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Good light transmission, will not affect the scenery outside. Perfect for an apartment building or patio-facing window that worries about privacy. Widely used in high-end hotels, office buildings, office buildings, high-end communities, and hospitals.

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